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by charnell - April 19, 2017

Atlanta maid

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5 Small Tips on how Atlanta Maid can Keep Your Refrigerator Organized and Clean

Keeping your refrigerator clean is the most essential thing in the kitchen. While keeping your kitchen clean is a must; making sure that the place where you actually keep your food is not contaminated should top of your list. You should schedule a thorough cleaning with an Atlanta Maid service at least once a month but here are small tips you can do every time you open your refrigerator that will make your monthly thorough cleaning much easier.
1. Wipe it down and pat it dry

Before putting anything back in your refrigerator, make sure that there zero drippings. Thoroughly clean the jars from the outside and make sure that your Tupperware lids are tightly closed and cleaned. Keep a roll of kitchen paper near the refrigerator to clean the containers from time to time. This will keep the bottles and Tupperware that have been in your refrigerator for an eternity from sticking to the shelves and drawers.

2. A place for everything

Prevent dirt from spreading everywhere by making sure items are in proper containers. Vegetables should be in the vegetable drawer and should be in individual packaging before being placed. Bottles should fit snuggly in its place to prevent falling a breaking.

3. Put a lid on it

Make sure that everything have a lid or properly closed to prevent cross-contamination. Food with natural smell should be properly covered to make sure that other items will not smell. Food like bread should be well kept so it doesn’t absorb any lingering smell from the other items.

4. Eat it or Toss it

Food near expiration should either be eaten or thrown away. Use your best judgment; it might not be the best idea to cook that chicken meat you bought 12 months ago. To prevent spoilage, put items that are near expiration upfront since you are more likely to reach and consume it before the expiration.

5. Invest in sturdy organizational items

There are many cheap but sturdy shelves you can buy to give you more storage space for organizing. A couple of lazy Susan will not only organize your cans and bottles but will also make it easier to reach items from the back of the refrigerator.


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