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by charnell - May 9, 2017

Cleaning Service Near Me

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Have you asked your is there a Cleaning Service Near Me? Indoor plants are generally used in the home simply for decorative purposes, but they actually offer much more than that. There are so many benefits that an indoor plant can offer a home.

There is a growing interest in indoor plants thanks the rising popularity of succulents and cacti that can be grown even in the smallest of places. In the gray monotony of large cities, this little potted greenery can lighten up our homes, our offices and our general spaces.


Choosing the right plant

There are so many deciding factors to take in consideration before you decide and settle on a particular plant; from the space you want to place your potted greens to your availability as the space owner to actually water and maintain it.


  • Natural or artificial light

Choose a place in which there is a good chance of natural lighting. When a plant is located in a place that is too exposed; some leaves may turn yellow and fall. Excessive light causes burns and may affect growth. On the contrary, if it has little light it withers.

  • Temperature and humidity.

Plants from warm and humid regions must be vaporized to compensate for the loss of water caused by evaporation and transpiration and maintain an environment conducive to their development.

The lack of moisture will be evident when the plant turns yellow and the leaves fall off.

  • Irrigation and nutrients

In general, indoor plants have less evaporation and, consequently, they need less water unless the heating conditions cause excessive drying.

Before watering, you must carefully examine the soil on the surface of the pot to see if it is moisten enough.

Every plant needs three important nutrients: nitrogen, necessary for growth; Phosphorus, essential for the formation of new leaves and flower buds; and potassium, useful for strength and endurance. In addition to these three elements, fertilizer contributes the so-called trace elements indispensable for the life of the latter.

Cleaning Service Near me 

At present many research shows the hazardous chemicals that are present in homes around the world. It is essential to have plants in the home as their chemical and physical properties help to eliminate many of these contaminants.

  • Renew the quality of the air. One of the main benefits carried out by plants is the filtration of air through a vital process called photosynthesis which gives us oxygen. The usual cycle of photosynthesis takes place in the morning since plants take advantage of sunlight that it will need. But there are other groups of plants that belong to hotter environments which reverse order and perform better at night. Therefore, it is advisable to have both kinds of plant to enjoy the benefits of fresher air day and night. Ask in your nursery friend.
  • Humidify the environment. A plant increases humidity in the air. These benefits because it helps to keep mucous, throat and skin well hydrated. Also, it prevents other diseases derived from a dry environment such as cough or skin irritation.
  • Removes dangerous contaminants. They are a natural remedy against pollution: they absorb harmful gases and chemical particles like formaldehyde (tobacco smoke), benzene (also found in cigarettes) or trichlorethylene (aerosol glue). These contaminants are processed by plants and transformed into nutrients with the help of bacteria found in the root.
  • They capture and trap dust, reducing its presence in the air up to 20%; cleaner air instantly
  • Plants reduce noise. This is especially true in enclosed areas with hard floors. Although this acoustic alteration is perceived more when the frequency of the sound is very high. You can say they drown out the sounds.

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