Real Estate Cleaner

by charnell - May 17, 2017

Real Estate Cleaner

Real Estate Cleaner

A Real Estate Cleaner is essential to many young and single individualwho aren’t to keen on cleaning their home or even just their rooms. Honestly, you do not need to clean your space every day. What you need to remember is when the best and the right time to clean your space.

When is the right time hire a real estate Cleaner to clean your space? Definitely not when you can’t sit on your own sofa because it’s full of little trinkets, or when you are about to load your laundry for the week then realized you still have last week’s laundry in the dryer, Or when you ended up eating on Tupperware lids because all your plates are still unwashed.
Kidding aside, not everyone knows when the right time to clean their house or at least portions of it. Instead of doing a general cleaning once a month and overwhelming yourself; why not clean a space or corner every day for 5 minutes.

Choosing a Real Estate Cleaner

1. Bed linen: every 1 or 2 weeks
Your linens should be changed and washed in hot water every 1 to 2 weeks. If you are the kind who spends too much time in bed, or you tend to sleep in the nude or lie in bed with your clothes one right after coming home then you might consider cleaning your beddings every week.
Extra Tip: Washing your sheets every week can weaken the quality of your fabric. Own more than 1 or 2 sets of beddings to and only wash them at least once a month.

2. Pillow: every 3 months
Although pillowcases protect us from mites and other infectious agents, over time they can accumulate on the pillows.
The interior design specialist in anti-allergic houses Robin Wilson recommends to the Huffington Post website that cleaning pillow cases should be done every 3 weeks in the washing machine and the pillow itself every 3 months.

3. Microwave: weekly
Some studies suggest that depending on the frequency, the microwave can both destroy and accelerate the growth of bacteria. It is best to clean the baking dish once a week and to deep clean twice a month.
TIP: Heat equal parts water and vinegar in the microwave until the glass is foggy for easy cleaning and disinfecting as well.

3. Bathtub: every week
Your bathtub is a home for bathtub especially if your bathroom is damp. It is very important to clean your bathtub every week, after all, are you really cleaning yourself if you are sitting in a dirty tub?

4. Refrigerator: every month
Your refrigerator can literally contaminate your food. These bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella, are invisible to the naked eye and can lead to death. Therefore, it is very important to clean the refrigerator very well at least once a month.

5. Carpets: every 6 or 12 months
Your carpet greatly increases the levels of bacteria in the air of your home and this is even worse if you own a pet.
It is highly recommended that you send for a carpet cleaning professional to clean every 6 or 12 months, since only a vacuum cleaner will not handle the amount of dirt that is installed on it.

6. Kitchen counter: every day
The countertop is usually used to prepare food, which may contain dangerous bacteria such as: listeria, e-coli and salmonella, so this part of the kitchen should be cleaned every single day.
Real Estate Cleaner Experts recommend washing hands and cooking utensils very well, as well as swapping sponges and dishcloths every week.
Also, pay special attention in areas near the sink, as we generally “clean” this part with dirty sponges with leftover food.
7. Towels: every 3 uses

University of Arizona environmental health expert and specialist Kelly Reynolds told BuzzFeed Life that after use the towel could become the perfect environment for bacteria and fungus growth and accumulate millions of dead skin cells.
She recommends that after using, bath towels should be put to dry and changed after three uses. According to her, the number of bacteria will still grow, but will be delayed because it is dry.


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