Regular Cleaning in Atlanta

by charnell - April 4, 2017


Regular Cleaning in Atlanta


Regular cleaning in Atlanta is the usual care and maintenance of the furniture can ensure its beauty for many years. In addition to accidental stains and scratches, wood furniture is susceptible to environmental factors such as light, moisture and dust. Regular cleaning is the key to a long life of our furniture is the precaution. It is important to keep in mind some practical suggestions to create a better environment for your furniture.

One of the greatest virtues of wooden furniture is that a simple retouch can give them their original appearance. Wood is a natural material with variations of color, configuration, mesh and grain structure. Each individual piece of furniture has characteristic markings.

Some plastic parts of computers, calculators, telephones and other products contain a plastification that can discolor or soften the lacquer finish of the furniture. You should always use a mat under these articles to prevent discoloration or softening of the lacquer.

On the other hand, cups, vases, and hot dishes should properly have a mat under them. It is important to always remember to lift the objects instead of dragging them over the finish.

With respect to the environment, it is important to keep the space in which your furniture is to be properly dampened. The lack of moisture, usually in the winter months or in dry climates can cause certain sheets to crack. The wood appreciates a certain temperature and humidity (around 22º C with a 40 percent humidity). Wood should not be placed near heating or air conditioning equipment. These remove the necessary moisture from your furniture and extract it out.

Solar bleaching will occur when wooden furniture is exposed to sunlight. Excessive exposure to light is not good for wooden furniture. Therefore try to avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight and redistribute the accessories from time to time to prevent changes in tone.

Another issue not less important is the displacement of furniture. Care must be taken when moving and lifting them instead of pushing them sideways as this causes tension in the joints. In the case of tables, it is advisable to lift them by the base or legs instead of the table as this can be detached or loosened. Likewise, chairs should be lifted from the base of the seat instead of the arms or the back of the backrest.


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